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HTA MBS 95 Hi-Point Carbine Bullpup Conversion

Coming soon in 2017! Our all new bullpup conversion stock for the Hi Point series of carbines will be available for all four calibers (.380 ACP, 9mm, .40 S&W, and .45 ACP) and both the classic and TS models of rifles. The MBS 95 will feature top and bottom aluminum Picatinny rails, M-Lok slots for accessories, ambidextrous charging options, a quick disassembly takedown operation, and rubberized butt plate. Price is anticipated to be between $199-299.

If you're interested in signing up to order one, please sign up for our email newsletter in the bottom left corner of the page. We will email customers in the order they signed up meaning we are holding your spot in line for free. If you've already purchased an item with us or are already on the mailing list, you are already in line to get one! More information will be coming soon. Like us on facebook for the most up to date posts and details about this project.

HTA FS2000 Fore-grip and Fore-end

By customer request, we developed a FS2000 foregrip for the FNH FS2000 which would be lighter, more modular, and more ergonomic than any available options. Our grip features a removable, right angle foregrip which attaches to a lightweight, aluminum-spined polymer fore end. The fore end offers the ability to install a flashlight which can be activated either by remote cord switches or by an externalized button integral to the fore end.

After an announcement by FN that production of the FS2000 would be postponed, we decided to table our work on the grip until more rifles would be made available or until demand from our customers increased to a level which would justify the investment in further development. This is where your help comes in!

If you are interested in seeing this grip getting developed, have suggestions on how it could be improved, or if you would like to purchase one when they are available, we would like to know! Simply stop by our facebook page, like us, and then post anything about the FS2000 grip.

We don't need anything crazy- even if you just post "FS2000", that's good enough! We just want to see if there would be enough demand to pursue this further. Thanks in advance for your input! We appreciate it!