THE Bullpup Conversion...

Since 2010, High Tower Armory has been focused on bringing shooters high quality options to unique problems, especially those in the bullpup orbit. Bullpups have always been of particular interest to us and we've felt this market has been underserved for decades. While polarizing to be sure, for those of us who "get" what bullpups can offer, the advantages are too great to ignore. 

By moving the action of a firearm to the area typically occupied by the stock, firearms can be made shorter, more maneuverable, and better balanced, all without sacrificing barrel length or ballistics. It's easy to see why bullpups are a clear choice for many applications. And yet, relatively few options exist for those who share the same intrigue, if not outright passion for them that we do. Moreover, the options that do exist can be expensive, hard to find, or of questionable quality. We wanted to change that, and in doing so, hopefully change some minds about bullpups along the way. For us, the concept of the "bullpup conversion" is as much about converting firearms as it is about making shooters into bullpup converts.

Our mission is simple- to make bullpups affordable and accessible to anyone with the desire to own one, so we can share the fun that only bullpups deliver on the range. More than that, we want our accessories to fit and function as seamlessly as if they were original equipment. Picking up an HTA conversion should feel like picking up a purpose built bullpup. We make all our parts right here in the US with the highest quality materials and manufacturing methods to help ensure that our ironclad lifetime warranty is one you 'll never have to use. All the same, if the need ever does arise, you can purchase confidently knowing that we will always stand behind our work, no matter where or when you bought your HTA built product. 

We certainly appreciate you coming by to take a look at our store and for taking the time to learn more about what makes us love doing what we do! If you have any other questions, feel free to reach out to us via [email protected] -thank you!

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