Can I use the Franklin Binary Trigger with the 90/22?

Well not yet, but you will be able to soon...

The Franklin Binary Trigger systems have enjoyed a great deal of success since their introduction and rightfully so, they are just plain fun! It's no surprise then, that we've been inundated with questions and requests to make our 90/22 stock for the Ruger 10/22 compatible with this system. We have done a lot of testing and prototyping and we think we should be able to release a retrofit kit in the coming months that will allow a binary fire control group to be used safely and reliably in our stock. In the meantime, we do not recommend combining this binary trigger and our stock for a few important functional and safety reasons.

At first glance, it may seem this would be a fairly easy installation to perform, as there are already holes in the sides of our 90/22 which allow access to the safety selector area. Some spacer bushings for the selector levers is all we need to combine the 90/22 and the BFSIII system, right? Unfortunately, it isn't quite so simple. 

Based on our testing, the 90/22 will also need a slightly modified trigger rod to operate safely and reliably. The Franklin trigger face sits considerably further forward in the trigger guard, relative to the OEM (and most other aftermarket) triggers. Because the Franklin trigger sits so far forward, this can create an unsafe condition once installed in our stock as it exists now. 

Our stock was designed to have a small amount of standoff space between the trigger actuating rod and the rifle's fire control group trigger in the rear. This important standoff distance is there to give our passive safety system in the trigger time to lock up if bumped or dropped, so the inertia of the linkage isn't transferred directly into the gun's trigger. With the Franklin trigger, even removing the protective rubber cap from the 90/22 trigger actuating rod will likely not provide the necessary room for this to function as designed. Contact with the linkage could also affect reliability of the system generally by preventing trigger reset. It's for these reasons we do not recommend using the Franklin Binary BFSIII 22-C1 with our stock until we begin offering the retrofit kit with sufficient trigger standoff.

This retrofit kit is something that will work with all models of 90/22, so if you already have a stock from us, you will not need to alter it in any permanent way, beyond replacing the original trigger linkage. This kit will also be offered as an add on for new 90/22 buyers who want the rod installed before it leaves the shop. As it sits currently in the prototype phase, the kit will consist of a set of spacer bushings for the safety selector, slightly enlarged selector paddles, new selector position decals, a shortened trigger linkage rod, and probably a new 90/22 trigger shoe and passive safety system to make installation a little easier for the user. We don't have an MSRP yet but current projections are in the $25-50 range, depending on a few yet to be determined costs. Our goal is to make it as cheap and simple to install as possible. 

As with any gun build, especially when mixing aftermarket parts, it's always a good idea to consult a competent gunsmith who knows how to install and check the safety and reliability of various systems. We appreciate your patience as we wrap up production on this design! If you have any comments, questions, or suggestions, feel free to leave them in the comments or email us directly. Thank you! 


Vince Naimon

Date 4/8/2024

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