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HTA 90/22 Extended Mag and Bolt Releases

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Give your 90/22 fast, ergonomic magazine and bolt releasing capabilities.
Part Number: HTA9022EMBR
Availability: In Stock.
The HTA 90/22 Extended Mag and Bolt Release combo is now standard with all 90/22's! Purchase only if you ordered your 90/22 before July 1st, 2014.

Give your HTA 90/22 an ergonomic upgrade with our extended controls package that gives you that extra edge in two important control areas. Our extended mag release speeds reloads by giving you a more accessible surface for initiating a magazine change, while giving you two options for how long you want to run your mag release. The extended mag release is composed of two parts; when both are installed, the mag release hangs below the bottom of the magwell but it quickly tucks up inside the magwell without the additional piece installed. The HTA 90/22 extended mag release is made of high strength, military grade polymer. The other half of this kit, our extended and automatic bolt release, will give you the ability to quickly access, activate, and disengage your bolt hold open feature. The bolt release will disengage automatically upon pulling back the charging handle.To further increase the ergonomics of the extended bolt release, a bend is put on the end to make activation much more comfortable than previous designs which rely on sharp sheet metal edges for engagement. The bolt release is made from case-hardened steel and treated with a black Melonite process for a lifetime of wear and corrosion resistance. The HTA 90/22 Extended Mag and Bolt Releases replace factory 10/22 parts, requiring basic gun smithing knowledge. Instructions included. Made in the USA and covered by HTA's limited lifetime warranty.

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