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HTA 90/22 TacPack Pro

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Bundled upgrades for your HTA 90/22 for better value and improved controls...

Part Number: HTA9022TCPKPRO
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We've bundled some of our top selling accessories to help you save while giving your HTA 90/22 an ergonomic and tactical enhancement with our Tactical Package Pro! Included are:

2 x Tactical Charging Handle Grips and corresponding finishing caps
2 x Aluminum Side Sight Rails
1 x 10 round Magazine Coupler

The pair of knurled, CNC machined, hardcoat anodized, aluminum Tactical Charging Handle Grips allows you to easily grab and grip the charging handle from both sides of the rifle. The grips also feature a polymer cap to protect both your gun and the surfaces you rest it on. As an added bonus, these grips do not need to be removed for disassembly of the 90/22, meaning you need less tools and less time to take down the 90/22 for cleaning and maintenance.

The CNC machined, hardcoat anodized, 6061 aluminum side Picatinny rails give HTA 90/22 users a rock solid attachment point for auxiliary accessories. Utilizes existing HTA 90/22 hardware. As an added bonus, a QD swivel socket for attaching slings is machined into the end of each rail. Rails are reversible, allowing QD mounts to be installed in the front or back of rail. *QD swivel not included.

For those shooters who prefer to run, or are by law forced to run 10 round magazines in their 10/22, we developed our rotary Magazine Coupler which gives the user 20 rounds at their fingertips in one compact package. After emptying one magazine, just release, spin, and reinsert the coupler to put 10 more rounds down range. HTA 90/22 users will also appreciate the extra length of coupled factory mags when inserting them in the magwell. The mag coupler does more than just provide faster mag changes and more ammo though, it also hides a 9/64" Allen wrench which will allow you to disassemble the coupler itself, the HTA 90/22, and the factory 10 round mags as well. Simply use a .22 long rifle round or similar object to push the wrench out from the front. Made in the USA. *Ruger 10 round rotary mags not included. All products are made in the USA and covered by HTA's limited lifetime warranty.

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