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HTA Glock Sight Bases (MULTI Base)

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Our MULTI bases allow you to install Glock sights on virtually any firearm with a picatinny rail!
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For firearms with limited rail space and raised rails, the HTA MULTI base offers shooters a simple and compact method for installing back up iron sights. These bases will allow you to install nearly any Glock compatible iron sights (G17, 19, 22, etc.) directly onto a picatinny rail and only take up a few rail slots to accomplish it. With suppressor height sights, you'll be able to co-witness in the lower third on microdots like the RMR and Fastfire. Just as importantly, you'll be able to select the type of sight you want to use, since most any Glock sight will work, whether it's adjustable tritium night sights or very affordable OEM polymer sights.
The applications and advantages for this type of low-profile, modular system are countless. Notably, this design is highly compact, conserving precious rail space for optics on short railed firearms like AR-15 pistols, the PS90 and the Steyr AUG. Their super low profile also keeps the sight height over the bore axis to a minimum. This in turn means these sights hold elevation more consistently across various distances than taller BUIS systems. Furthermore, in many applications, the speed and easy acquisition of pistol sights may be more desirable than peep sights or optical sights.

Note: The most current HTA 90/22 model already includes a cut in the aluminum rail that allows for Glock sights to be installed. This item will not be needed on newer models and is intended for other firearms that require very compact sights. Some early model 90/22's also may not have the necessary cuts in the rail.

These are made in the USA from 4140 steel, bead blasted and finished in an anti-reflective mil-spec manganese phosphate.

*Glock sights not included

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