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HTA Integrally Flash Suppressed 10/22 Barrel

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Tactical 10/22 barrel with integral flash suppressor and Melonite treatment.
Part Number: HTA1022IFSB
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The HTA Integrally Flash Suppressed (IFS) Barrel is the ideal addition to any 10/22 bullpup platform chambered in .22 LR. These barrels feature a flash suppressor machined directly into the barrel itself. This allows bullpup style rifles to reach the federally required 26" overall length without adding to the overall length when a muzzle device is installed. Fluting is an available option which aids in cooling and eliminates about 4 ounces of weight. Barrels of 18" will give 90/22 users the shortest possible overall rifle length, while 18.5" barrels will allow these to be used in other 10/22 bullpup kits currently on the market.

Each barrel is made from a 4140 steel barrel blank, button rifled, air gauged, and thermo stress relieved twice (before and after turning) for maximized accuracy. But the feature of these barrels that really puts them head and shoulders above the competition is the process each barrel undergoes after they are machined. Our barrels are treated with Melonite, a process revered in the firearms community, which imparts nitrogen and carbon into the very molecular structure of the barrel surface, producing a rock hard layer inside and out. Finally, each unit is finished in a matte black milspec phosphate to reduce the reflective signature to a minimum. The end result is a barrel that is nearly impervious to corrosion, longer lasting, harder, more wear resistant, and easier to clean than traditional steel and stainless steel barrels, not to mention, they give your 10/22 build the look and feel you just can't get with a factory barrel. Includes bushings for use in HTA 90/22 kits. Made right here in the USA and backed by HTA's lifetime warranty. *Stock and Ruger 10/22 not included.

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