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4 of 5 Nice product January 17, 2020
Reviewer: Daniel Gomez from Willows, CA United States  
Its a good product but make sure to read the instructions.

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5 of 5 This thing is amazing April 14, 2019
Reviewer: Peyton Ridenour from Tallmadge, OH United States  
I love this thing, made my typical 10/22 into an iconic (and my first) bullpup. It works great. The only complaint I would have is the suppressor on it. It's pretty crappy but other than that, the thing is amazing. I love it and would definitely buy another stock from HTA

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2 of 5 One cheap made part kills the look completely March 14, 2019
Reviewer: Aaron elder from HINESVILLE, GA United States  
A lot of engineering went into the kit and everything looks really cool except for the fake silencer it's a cheap piece of plastic and it kills the whole look of the gun for almost $300 with  shipping I expected a lot more I'm only referring to the fake  silencer the rest of the kit is vary impressive

[HTA Response: Thank you for your business, Aaron, and for the feedback! We appreciate it! We're very sorry if the barrel shroud was not to your liking. We do offer an aluminum shroud which gives you the look of a real, metal suppressor. The reason we cannot include a metal shroud, aside from the cost, is that there are so many different types of barrels ranging in size and crown, that it would be impossible to send a metal one which will fit everyone's barrel. Some people use threaded bull barrels, which could accept a threaded aluminum shroud. Others are using the standard factory barrel, which has no threads and requires an adapter, like the one we sell. The polymer shroud solves this issue by attaching to the stock rather than the barrel to cover as many styles of barrel as possible while being cost effective enough to include with each kit. We also understand that it isn't a look that everyone will want, so we made the shroud removable for that reason. Finally, if ever you are unsatisfied in any way with a product, we are always willing to work with you to make you whole. Sorry again for any shortcomings and thank you very much for your business!]

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5 of 5 This is the Best stock Ever for the 10/22 March 27, 2017
Reviewer: Chris Bell from Pawtucket, RI United States  
I saw this stock and after much research on youtube decided to purchase it, and Im so glad I did.  The 10/22 fits in perfectly and the ergonomics of the stock are great.  easy to carry, comes up in position quickly and can aquire targets very fast with a red dot installed. It is not easy to disasemble but I almost never need top take it apart for cleaning.  By carefully super gluing the nuts into their receptacles it makes it quite a bit easier to do.  I used gel super glue so it would not end up in the threads.  Also ended up getting the mid weight fluted barrel which is a super quality barrel. and the perfect length for this rifle.  I have installed a scope with a rail on top that holds a micro red dot sight, and a laser for close range on the right picatinny rail.  The quality and feel of this kit makes you think its the real thing.  I have had many people ask about it at the range thinking it was a real PS-90.

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5 of 5 A dream to shoot March 24, 2017
Reviewer: Jared H. from TX  
I appreciate everything your company does! I took my 90 22 out to the range on Saturday and everyone around me was so amazed by how great the stock looked and shot that I had 3 people want to trade shooting each others weapons for a couple magazines! Its a dream to shoot and it so well designed. Thank you High Tower Armory.

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5 of 5 Totally Sweet December 25, 2016
Reviewer: Nick from Greenville, MI United States  
Guys this gun stock is so worth it. If your thinking about it, just buy it. When I ordered my stock the guys there were great, even when I payed with 2 MasterCard gift cards.  The best part was they shipped it the same day and it arrived in 4 days, so it was great putting it together over Christmas break.
If your worried about the stock feeling cheap, or fake/toy you will not be disappointed.  My friends thought I bought a real P90 machine gun :). As of 12/25/16, 300 rounds through it with out a problem.

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5 of 5 Great setup! November 11, 2016
Reviewer: Bryan from NC  
I recently installed my 90/22 and it was a breeze with the included instructions and online videos. It can be a bit difficult to take down for cleaning, but that is to be expected with a bullpup setup. When I initially pulled it out of the box, it felt very sturdy and well made in my hands, and was immediately impressed. When I take it to the range, it is always a head turner, and people are impressed with the build quality of it. Would definitely recommend this to others!

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5 of 5 Great Product, Great Service September 8, 2016
Reviewer: Kiwi Shooter  
The most fun gun i've ever owned. Like a 22LR powered sewing machine.

Great service from Andy at Hightower, got me the parts I needed fast. Thanks again Andy and the team at Hightower.

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5 of 5 Awesome! August 10, 2016
Reviewer: George F. from Washington State  

I just wanted to let you know how much I like and am impressed by your HTA 90/22 Kit!  I bought mine from Brownells and the accessories update from you.  My Grandson and I put it together and took it to the range yesterday afternoon!

Awesome, just plain Awesome!!!!!

The kit went together perfectly, the instructions were clear and appropriate.  I put an inexpensive red dot optic on it and within a few minutes of sighting, we were hitting steel silhouettes  at 100 yds with no issues.

I called your customer service and had a question about the Glock sights and it was answered quickly and professionally….

If there is something that I find to comment negatively about, it is the plastic barrel shroud….However, that is on me since I went with the Ruger factory barrel…I see one of your barrels or the aluminum shroud in my future!

An outstanding  product!

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5 of 5 More accurate than the ZK hands down February 23, 2016
Reviewer: Tom Diebolt from Washington State  
I know you are busy but wanted to share a little about my journey and how I found your company.

Originally my son and I ordered 2 ea ZK-22's after seeing them online and soon the nightmare began.

Long story short after over 2 1/2 year wait we finally got the kits (I won't say anything about the customer service as I am sure you are well aware).

While on the internet trying to find out how we could get a refund, I stumbled across the Bullpup Forum and discovered High Tower.

It just so happened we got to see one in person at a local guns show a week later.  Beyer Barrels had your kits at the show and I purchased on on the spot (along with a barrel from Clint Beyer).

I assembled the kit and OMG what fun gun to shoot and a head turner at the range.

My son and I build a lot of AR platform firearms but when we head to our place in the mountains the HTA is usually the first gun grabber to plink with.

All of my grand kids love the thing and 3 of them have been bugging their parents to go buy 10-22's so grandpa can turn it into an HTA.

The 90/22 is more accurate than the ZK hands down and there is no comparison to out of the box triggers.

Sorry for the long winded response - you have a great product and your customer service is 5 Star.

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