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5 of 5 Flawless April 21, 2020
Reviewer: Robert R. from Louisiana  
I am glad I purchased this stock, I put 300 rounds through the weapon with only one issue...the charging handle hurts after a while of pulling back on it. Other than that 5 stars.

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5 of 5 HTA R and D EXCELLENCE May 31, 2019
Reviewer: JW from OKC OK  
HTA attention to detail on the MBS 95 Bullpup stock conversion is commendable. HTA's videos on YouTube have me sold! Thanks Andy!

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Reviewer: MOE from FL United States  
I love my MBS-95 in .40 caliber. I contracted Andy ask about how long I have been waiting.Within  12 hours after emailed him got a response. Andy inform me that they had some in stock in .40. Within 8 hours i was to make a purchase. Received MBS within 3 business days. So far I have put 100 rounds through with no problem. But the trigger is mussy once I got use to it that wasn't a problem.

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5 of 5 Worth it September 25, 2018
Reviewer: Rick from MA, USA  
I wanted to follow up with you after having my Bullpup conversion for a little while, and multiple trips to the range. I didn't want to be that person that only writes when they are complaining.

Whatever I went through and however long I had to wait to get the conversion kit it was more than worth it. I paired the kit with a set of iron sights and a red dot sight that cowitnesses with the iron sights. First the non-emotional reaction, the kit is great from a fit and finish, quality workmanship and ease of assembly. It converts a fun, reliable gun into a great tactical weapon. I know Hi-Points get a bad rap as cheap unreliable firearms from a lot of the gun snobs out there, but I have put thousands of rounds through this firearm (4095TS) without a single failure. I train new shooters on it and have let some of my most experience friends try it and I have yet to find one person that didn't like the way it shoots. Of course they all also had the same comment to make, boy that is one dog ugly gun. Well that all changed now. Since I installed the Bullpup kit, not only do they love the way it shoots, but they all now love the way it looks. The kit transfers all the weight towards your shoulder and balances the gun perfectly. You can shoot off hand with precision accuracy out to 25 yards and beyond with no problem. This is my home defense weapon, so anything beyond 10 yards is probably unrealistic, but good to know if I ever needed it it wouldn't be a problem. I typically shoot 40 cal 180gr ammo and this handles it with no problem and very limited recoil. On my second trip to the range with it, it basically became an unplanned show and tell event. Everyone at the range wanted to know what type of gun it was, how does it shoot, what caliber, was it accurate, was it comfortable and of course how much. A few were already familiar with a Hi-Point, and one had known about the conversion kit. The ages spread from young to old and experience levels were new gun owners to very experience competitive shooters. There wasn't one that had anything bad to say about the gun. A few tried it and they claimed that they were going to start looking for a Hi Point to convert immediately.

For me personally this has become my favorite gun to shoot. I take it out at least a couple of times month to practice, as it has become my home defense gun and I want to be proficient with it. It took a little getting used to the relocation of the magazine, but beyond that it is a natural shooter. It aims naturally and I was pleasantly surprised with the trigger after the conversion. It is obviously not a sniper rifle so the trigger is never going to be a major problem, but if anything I like the trigger better than before the conversion. With the take up it makes consistent trigger pulls very easy. I have put probably close to a thousand rounds down range since doing the conversion and no complaints, or problems. Thank you for the fantastic job you did on this conversion kit and keep up the good work. I will be watching your web site for whats next, because I am very impressed with this.

Thank you again for the great job you did on this kit.

A loyal customer,


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5 of 5 Homerun August 24, 2018
Reviewer: Greg B. from TX, USA  
Thank you very much for your attention to detail. Having received my MBS 95 and installed my 4095, I think y'all have hit a home run with this product. Sincerely, Greg B.

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5 of 5 Arctic Grey July 13, 2018
Reviewer: Kirby W. from Oklahoma  
Hey, that stock arrived today and it looks spectacular, just as it is.  From the photos on your site, I was afraid it was going to be too light - almost white.  But in fact, it is just the right shade of grey that I wanted.  PERFECT!

This thing is an AMAZING cross of art and engineering.  It both looks and feels GREAT!

Now, the only thing you guys need to do is put that art and engineering into a double-stack magazine.  Everyone I've seen talking about this stock talks about the single stack mag.  I don't see you guys being able to make glock mags work (which is what everyone wants) because the glock mag won't fit the HP receiver.  You would have to make a custom designed mag.

I should think it would be possible to develop a ds mag that converts to ss right at the top where it has to meet the receiver.  The tricky bit will be the plastic or metal pusher cap that sits on top of the spring, that presses the rounds up.  If it's ds wide, it will stop moving up when the mag converts to ss, and it won't push the last round into the chamber.  So, if you guys have some magic unicorn dust laying around......

Anyway, thanks for the GREAT product!  I will definitely be showing this off to everyone I can and tell them to go buy one.  I bought my HP carbine last year specifically so I could put this stock on it.

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5 of 5 Got mine and love it. Worth the wait, thanks guys July 13, 2018
Reviewer: Troy B. from Minnesota  
The wait was definitely the wall but the results are outstanding. I have several envious friends who will most likely be your customers soon.

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