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Frequently Asked Questions

Question: When can I expect my order to ship?

Answer: Most products including our HTA 90/22 lineup are in stock and will ship within 24 business hours. Our hydrodip series of 90/22's are usually in stock as well, however some options may be briefly out of stock.

Question: How can I tell if my 10/22 barrel is long enough to have a legal length rifle (26 inches) when installed in the 90/22?

Answer: MOST 10/22 factory barrels are of legal length. These include 10/22 carbine barrels that are considered 18 1/2 inches long. The HTA 90/22 is a bullpup style stock, which will shorten most 10/22 rifles to within 1/2 of an inch of the legal minimum length by moving the receiver and barrel rearward relative to a traditional stock. It is still very important, however, to check your rifle for length before purchasing the HTA 90/22 to avoid potential legal issues

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (ATF) requires a minimum overall length of 26 inches and a minimum barrel length of 16 inches on all rifles. YOU MAY NOT COUNT DETACHABLE MUZZLE DEVICES TOWARDS BARREL AND/OR OVERALL RIFLE LENGTH. The ATF does not consider removable barrel attachments as part of a barrel and therefore you must measure from the muzzle crown, not the end of a flash suppressor, muzzle break, etc that can be unscrewed. However, welded or integrally machined, non removable barrel attachments DO count towards barrel and overall length. It is a felony to be in possession of a rifle that does not meet these requirements, without having gone through the proper channels first. High Tower Armory is not responsible for legal fees and other expenses resulting from failure to properly check the length of your rifle, both before purchase and after installation. It is also the end user's responsibility to check their local laws and regulations regarding the legality of this stock.
There are two methods for verifying that your rifle will reach the minimum length in this stock. The first method is to measure from the muzzle of the rifle (not including a removable muzzle device) to the point the barrel enters the receiver. In other words, measure the amount of barrel that is exposed. This length must be at least 17 1/4 inches. See image "Method 1"

The second method requires you to measure your 10/22 from the butt end of the receiver to the muzzle (not including a removable muzzle device). This length must be at least 23 3/8" inches for a legal length rifle. See Image "Method 2"

High Tower Armory, LLC also highly recommends checking the overall length of your rifle once a HTA 90/22 kit is installed, to further verify the legality of your rifle.

Question: Will the HTA 90/22 work with .920 bull barrels?

Answer: Yes, any barrels with a .920 diameter will fit in the 90/22, as long as they are of legal length.

Question: Will the HTA 90/22 accept aftermarket magazines?

Answer: Yes, most aftermarket high capacity magazines will fit in the HTA 90/22. However, some magazines, including “tear-drop” mags, drum-mags, and Butler CreekTM mags that have protruding knobs for linking two mags together, may not fit into the 90/22 mag-well. EagleTM, Shooter's RidgeTM, Ruger factory rotary magazines, and Ruger BX-25TMmagazines are a few examples of magazines that will work in the HTA 90/22.