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Please check out our affiliates for information, discussion, and news in the world of shooting sports.

BullpupForum.com is a comprehensive forum about Bullpup rifles and shotguns. From the iconic and universally recognized Steyr AUG, to the precision bolt action sniper bullpups, to the 12 gauge bullpup scatterguns, to rim-fire bullpups, BullpupForum.com is the site dedicated to those who love Bullpups!


We are a complete weapon site. We range from weapon forums, prepping forums, hunting forums, and do full product reviews. We are PRO gun rights and support that right, and people who like to talk about weapons and other related topics.

We are proud to offer the finest quality exploding target on the market today at the best price possible. Get a bigger bang out of shooting with targets that explode! Sonic Boom® targets consist of two inert components that, when mixed, blow up if impacted by a projectile. Easy to mix and easy use. We guarantee this will reinvigorate the shooting sport for you as it has for us. Our Rifle targets require at least a 40 grain bullet traveling at least 2,200 fps to detonate. We are excited to announce brand new Sonic Boom® RimFire Targets! Exploding targets that can be shot with your .22, handguns, and shotguns. Look for Sonic Boom® targets at retail sporting goods stores near you, and if they don’t have them send them our way.

At Twin Cities Hydrographics we specialize in taking the ordinary and transforming it into extraordinary. When we say WE MAKE IT YOURS! we mean just that. We can take just about any item and customize it with over 200 patterns to choose from. W e refinish your item using a process called HYDROGRAPHICS or water transfer printing. We take your item remove the old finish, Prime the piece, Paint it in your choice of colors, DIP it in over 200 patterns, then finally we Clear the part with your choice of clear coat.


It all started for Crusader Gear, LLC when its founder was on an assignment overseas and had a need for tactical gear that was not answered by other manufacturers. Since then, we remain focused on filling needs that remain unmet, because your gear shouldn‘t limit how you train or fight. Crusader Gear is an all-American design & build gear company dedicated to providing customers with quality products and giving back to our community. Whether you are military, law enforcement, or an everyday American who likes guns and gear, Crusader Gear makes something to fit your lifestyle. Gear up and Crusade on!