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Paul Scalzo

Date 11/29/2020

Hey All, Purchased my second product from High Tower. Purchased the MBS 95 awhile back. Awesome package. Really like it. Have been wanting to get a 90/22 for a long time. I actually made my own about 15 years ago by modifying an Air Soft version of the P90. Built Styer Augs, HKs, XM8 and even an MP5. Was cool but not quality enough. Have been putting off the purchase because I had the one I made. After watching videos and comparisons, I decided it was time to get one. Am awaiting it's arrival in the next few days. I'm sure I wont be disappointed. The MBS 95 is top quality, Looks and handles awesome. Will be revisiting the HTA site often to see what other cool products HTA comes out with that I just can't live without. Thanks HTA.


Date 3/27/2021

High quality aluminum rails, barrel shrouds, charging handles and more.

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