We're bringing our Modular Bullpup System (MBS) concept to the Ruger 10/22.

Coming soon from High Tower Armory... The all new, MBS 22 for the Ruger 10/22. The MBS 22 is a radical deviation from "first gen" bullpup conversions in nearly every way. Our design departs from the typical left/right clamshell design common in many bullpup chassis in favor of an upper and lower two part assembly that's held together by pins and the factory takedown screw, rather than numerous pieces of hardware. The result is the fastest field strip of any bullpup conversion for the Ruger 10/22, a job that can be done in seconds. "But what about the trigger?" you may be wondering...

HTA MBS 22 for Ruger 10/22
HTA MBS 22 for Ruger 10/22

Perhaps the biggest complaint about bullpups is their triggers and it was for that reason that the entire MBS 22 concept was literally designed around a unique trigger linkage. This system was intended from the very first sketches to utilize mechanical principles to maximize performance in the finished product. Our design operates on leverage from an internal cam system to produce one of the best bullpup conversion triggers ever made, actually reducing the perceived trigger weight. 

Prototype evaluation has shown a 30-40% reduction in pull force of the standard Ruger OEM trigger pack, from about 5 lbs. down to nearly 3 lbs., when installed in the MBS 22. Not satisfied with merely reducing the weight, we also designed the linkage system to be both take-up and overtravel adjustable. Like our first Modular Bullpup System (MBS 95), a primary focus of our new 10/22 bullpup conversion is modularity and one of the interchangeable subassemblies is the trigger linkage itself. Aside from the cam actuated linkage, a direct pull linkage is also include which gives users the option for a more traditional 1:1 pull ratio, ideal for match grade and aftermarket triggers which are already light and crisp. 

Externally, the modular concept is also visible in a few other areas. The knuckle guard is removable and the hollow grip can be used for storage with the guard in place. A removable shell deflector is included that, along with the ambidextrous controls, allows for left handed use. Additionally, the butt stock plate hides two more compartments, one of which is large enough to house a spare BX-1 magazine. The second compartment can be used to store tools or other gear. Because the entire buttstock is its own module, it can be swapped for a collapsible stock module that offers an additional 1.75" to length of pull when extended. This in turn means that barrels as short as 16.1" can be used legally without an SBR stamp in many jurisdictions (check state and local laws). The collapsible stock module will likely be sold separately or as an add-on item, but should be available upon release of the stock. To fully tailor the MBS 22 to suit your needs, several M-Lok slots are located both fore and aft to provide convenient mounting points for accessories and slings, in addition to the integrated top and bottom picatinny rails.

Buttstock options for either storage or increased length of pull.

As with our 90/22, this stock will work with .920" bull barrels and Ruger tapered barrels. The MBS 22 includes three bushing sets to fit a variety of other barrels as well. The handguard is hollow and will allow for up to 1.375" diameter suppressors to be used on barrels at least 9" in length for those looking to go the SBR route or install a Charger pistol. We are also very pleased to announce this model will work with the 10/22 Takedown series of rifles and Charger variants (SBR rules apply).  If set up as an SBR with a 10" barrel and a suppressor, the MBS 22 equipped rifle will come in less than 23" long overall. 

Shooters will appreciate the forward, ambidextrous charging handle, complete with bolt hold open grooves that can be disengaged with a slap of the palm. A trigger block safety is located in the grip area for quick engagement and the factory controls like the safety, magazine release, and bolt hold open are also still easily accessible at the rear of the assembly.

The MBS 22 is currently in tooling which is a lengthy process. We do not have firm ETA or official pricing at this time, however current delivery estimate is sometime in summer of 2024 and the MSRP estimate is between $174.99 and $224.99. We will post more details to our blog and social media pages. Please let us know if you have any questions and thank you very much for your business, interest, and support!


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