Among our most anticipated products is one concept that ironically has the greatest uphill battle for production: a double stack mag for the Hi Point rifle in our MBS 95 stock. We get asked about it a lot and ever since floating it as an idea, it's generated a fair amount of discussion on forums and customer interactions. We always knew there was a possibility that a double stack mag could one day exist, and with that in mind, we designed the MBS 95 to have a removable magazine bushing in the magwell to provide the space needed, should that elusive double stack ever manifest itself. This got a lot of folks excited, and understandably so. We've been looking at this product concept seriously for a long time now and still get questions regularly on it. So where is it at? Why has it taken so long to make one? Will we ever make one? The short answer is, a double stack magazine concept is still in its infancy and it's possible that will be where it stays for some time. The long answer involves a more technically thorough explanation which we are happy to go into, if you care to read on. 

The double stack MBS 95 magazine faces a few challenges. Unfortunately, due to the shape of the Hi Point receiver, it's not quite as simple as incorporating an existing magazine like for Glock or Springfield. A dedicated magazine needs to be designed and built around the geometry of the gun itself. Thus, the double stack column must be reduced to a single stack for a greater distance than is common in most magazines. This isn't an impossible feat, but since it requires an all new design, it also poses new challenges.

Principally, magazines are expensive to design and manufacture, and are highly susceptible to functional issues from even minor tolerance changes from lot to lot. Making them, especially stamped metal double stack mags, takes a good deal of skill and know-how in the manufacturing realm to maintain the reliability and consistency needed to make them work every time. This level of precision is not something every shop can handle and will require large investments in specialized tooling to make such complex parts. Bluntly put, mags are expensive and there isn't much margin to work with. Essentially, we need to make enough on each mag to recoup the costs of design and manufacture, but we also can't price them so high no one buys them. 

Furthermore, it is from economies of scale that magazines can be made affordably enough to make them both economically viable as a product and practically priced for the end user. Here's the second major hurdle for this design: the magazine will only fit our MBS 95 stock and it will only work with the specified caliber. This means the market for each caliber of double stack mag is only as large as the pool of existing and future owners of our MBS 95. Even then, many MBS 95 owners live in states where a double stack, higher capacity mag cannot be shipped. Instead of millions of Hi Point owners, our market is the fraction of those who also own our stock.

Until we sell enough stocks that we can confidently pursue a double stack mag, we just can't guarantee anything. We realize this isn't satisfying as an answer but that's the truth of the situation. The good news is, the stock was designed from day 1 with this in mind so even old models can be adapted when the time is right. Until then, we cannot begin to express our gratitude for your business, patience, and support! Thank you so much!



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