Welcome to the all new High Tower Armory website!

After a decade of hosting our website with another company, increasing costs, headaches, and limitations caused us to look elsewhere for a new webhost. We're proud to have partnered with 3DCart and their 2nd Amendment friendly approach to ecommerce. Moving an entire store with a long established relationship from one webhost to another is not, and has not been, an easy task. You may have noticed a few mishaps or broken links around the time of this post. The payment gateway may experience some downtime and the layout of other parts of the site may seem completely different. We apologize in advance for the changes and hiccups you may encounter along the way. We will always do our absolute best to get things moving in as user friendly a direction as possible. 

And that's one thing that will never change. Our team will always be here to serve you, the customer, and if you happen to notice anything that may be improved upon on the new site, we sure would appreciate you bringing it to our attention so we can make your experience here as simple and user friendly as possible. The closer to perfect we can build the site, the sooner we can get back to focusing on what we really love: making innovative products for shooters like you. Thank you so much for the support, patience, and of course, your business. Stay well and be safe!

Andy and the team at HTA
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